Proposal (Feb 2020)

Cylc 8 System Component Naming

Cylc is now a complex multi-component system. It is important that we settle on consistent, unambiguous, and where possible standard, component names so that users and developers can communicate without confusion. (This was not easy even before Cylc 8!).

Proposed Final Names

Note we have already agreed to drop suite for workflow (“suite” is non-standard outside of the NWP community).

Component Name Code Repository Config File Description
:boom: Cylc Scheduler cylc-flow :boom: cylc-flow.conf and cylc-flow-global.conf an instance of the cylc-flow scheduler program, to manage a single workflow
Cylc Hub (Jupyter Hub) :boom: <cylc-location>/ the single point of access that users log in to
Cylc UI Server cylc-uiserver N/A? (or :boom: cylc-uiserver.conf) an instance of the cylc-uiserver program, that serves the Cylc Web UI and CLI
:boom: Cylc Web UI :boom: cylc-webui N/A? an instance of the Cylc Web UI, served to your browser by the Cylc UI Server

Explanatory Comments

Cylc Scheduler

Cylc config files: cylc-flow.conf, cylc-flow-global.conf

Cylc Hub

Cylc UI Server

Cylc Web UI