Cylc GUI discussion @ Suites Guild

2019 06 06 A discussion with a group of (mainly power) users about what they like/dislike about using the current cylc GUIs. Hosts: Tim Pillinger (Editor), Oliver Sanders

[Editor’s Notes Attempting to add context in square brackets]

These are:

Usage of GUIs & GUI vs CLI comments


| cylc…| All the time | Most Days | Most Weeks | Infrequently | Never|Honestly, I didn’t know it existed | | — | — | — | — | — | — |–| |gui (gcylc)|16|4||2||| |gscan|8|1| |6|6|| |graph|||1|11 |8|1| |graph-diff||||4|10 |7| |gpanel|3|1|| |2|11| |graph -n (namespace grapher)|||| |5|16||

Are there tasks that you do a lot either in the gui or the command line?

Other comments

Usage of Cylc GUI

Are there common gotchas in the cylc guis?

Are there capabilities in the Cylc GUI’s that made your life easier whe you found out about them?

Do you use task filtering? If you do, what do you use it for?

Do you use hierarchically named suites?

How do you find out more about a Cylc GUI if you need to?


Appearance & Usability

Do you have issues with GUI performance (question implied from answers)?

Do you have any difficulty reading/seeing any part of the GUI? If so why?

Do you theme the task states? Did you know you could?

How many controls in a cylc gui do you use regularly, and why?

Are there items/buttons/features in the menu you see but never use?

Does it take too many mouse/keyboard clicks/strokes to carry out some tasks?

Other Responses

Notes on future Cylc GUI Responses

Other (From MS notes)

We may need to have a tool to collect and analyse usage behind the scene. Nesting suite reload not copying files? Bug?