User Research Interaction Summaries

Listing of all interactions

As a concise way to get a rundown of all interactions quickly, briefly note all UR interactions in the below table. Detail should then be added directly (if brief), or linked into (if lengthy), from separate files under individual sections in the ‘Interaction Summaries’ section below (see example).

# Metomi member(s) (initials) User(s) (if applicable) * Datetime (to the day at least) Section described (descriptive tag)
0 <EXAMPLE:> SB <EXAMPLE:> BF <EXAMPLE:> 2019-06-04T14:45 *<EXAMPLE:> SB Example
1 TP, OS “a group of (mostly power) users” 2019-06-06 Suites Guild GUI Discussion 1
2 OS n/a (auto-generated report) ????-??-?? gcylc usage at MO

* (for individuals use initials**in case some users would not like their opinions accessible in such an open document. However, please ensure you will remember, else make a written note about, which user this is, as initials may clash.

Summaries of all interactions

See the example below, though note the individual record format does not have to be as per the example and can be anything that seems appropriate.

The level of detail depends on the context, but please try to record a good amount of information to include details even if they may not seem especially important (they could later emerge as useful).

Suites Guild GUI Discussion 1

See write up here.

gcylc usage at MO

See write up here.