Compound Commands

Cylc provides compound commands which carry out more than one workflow action. For example Cylc provides a command to validate, install and play a workflow.

Compound commands make common ways of working easier.


Use cylc command --help to get help for each compound command, including a full list of available options.

cylc vip (Validate, Install and Play)

cylc vip /home/me/cylc-src/my-workflow is the same as running:

$ cylc validate /home/me/cylc-src/my-workflow
$ cylc install /home/me/cylc-src/my-workflow
INSTALLED my-workflow/run1 from /home/me/cylc-src/my-workflow
$ cylc play my-workflow

cylc vr (Validate, Reinstall and Reload or Play)

cylc vr my-workflow is the same as running:

# Check that the changes you want to
# make will be valid after installation:
$ cylc validate my-workflow --against-source
$ cylc reinstall my-workflow

# If workflow is running:
$ cylc reload my-workflow

# If workflow is stopped:
$ cylc play my-workflow