Table of Contents

The Cylc User Guide

If you have access to cylc already, type cylc doc or use the GUI “Help” menu to view the User Guide. Otherwise, an online copy is available here:

Warning: the auto-generated HTML version of the user guide is quite ugly and has some formatting issues; we plan to reformulate the Cylc documentation using Sphinx in due course, which will fix this problem.

Suite Design Guide


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Publications, Citations, and References

Please cite Cylc in your publications if you used it to automate your workflows.

Cylc Response to “Assessment Report on Autosubmit, Cylc and ecFlow”

The Cylc developers would like to respond to a recent comparison paper, Assessment report on Autosubmit, Cylc and ecFlow (2016, Domingo Manubens-Gil et. al.) and another that references it, Seamless Management of Ensemble Climate Prediction Experiments on HPC Platforms (2016, Domingo Manubens-Gil et. al.). Two of us are listed as contributors to the first paper but it should be noted that the contribution was limited by time and workload constraints to major corrections relating to Cylc (all of which were addressed by the lead author).

The lead author of both papers is also the lead developer of Autosubmit. Perhaps inevitably as the developers of Cylc we have a rather different view on the strengths and weaknesses of the different systems. In particular we would like to address the following points.


A Cycling Workflow Example

The following example is intended to convey something of cylc’s basic functionality. However, it barely scratches the surface; to understand more, read the User Guide!

Create A New Suite

$ mkdir -p ~/suites/test/
$ vim ~/suites/test/suite.rc

title = A first Cylc suite.

    cycle point format = %Y

   initial cycle point = 2021
   final cycle point = 2023
      [[[R1]]]  # Initial cycle point.
         graph = prep => model
      [[[R//P1Y]]]  # Yearly cycling.
         graph = model[-P1Y] => model => post
      [[[R1/P0Y]]]  # Final cycle point.
         graph = post => stop

   [[root]]  # Inherited by all tasks.
      script = sleep 10
      script = echo "my FOOD is $FOOD"; sleep 10
         FOOD = icecream

    default node attributes = "style=filled", "shape=ellipse"
    [[node attributes]]
        prep = "fillcolor=#00c798"
        stop = "fillcolor=#ffcc00"
        model = "fillcolor=#00b4fd"
        post = "fillcolor=#ff5966"

Register It

$ cylc register my.suite ~/suites/test
REGISTER my.suite: /home/bob/suites/test

$ cylc print my.suite
my.suite | A first test suite | ~/suites/test

$ cylc edit my.suite  # Open the suite in your editor again.

$ cylc help  # See other commands!

Validate It

$ cylc validate my.suite
Valid for cylc-6.10.1

Visualize It

$ cylc graph my.suite &


Run It

$ cylc run my.suite
    # OR
$ gcylc my.suite &  # (and run it from the GUI)


View Task Job Output

$ cylc log -o my.suite model.2021

Suite    : my.suite
Task Job : 2021/model/01 (try 1)

my FOOD is icecream

2017-03-20T19:37:49Z NORMAL - started
2017-03-20T19:37:59Z NORMAL - succeeded