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gcylc graph and dot views

The gcylc suite control GUI can display two of three views at once. Colors represent task state (running, failed, etc.). The graph view shows the suite dependency structure. The dot view is a minimal view of task states in a cycling suite.

gcylc text tree view

The gcylc text tree view shows the most information about tasks in a running suite.

gscan GUI

The gscan GUI shows a minimal state summary view of all your running suites. Click on a suite to open a gcylc suite control GUI for it.

static visualization 1

This shows a moderately large operational cycling workflow.

static visualization 2

Another suite with families partially collapsed (inset) and fully expanded. Automatic coloring of parameterized tasks with a Jinaj2 loop over Hue in the HSV color space.

static visualization 3

A big one! (4.8M SVG format - you may need to use your horizontal and vertical browser scroll bars to find the image).