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Cylc Development Workshop

Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia, 3-7 December 2018

Table of Contents


Over the next 12 months we need to migrate Cylc to Python 3, and replace the aging PyGTK GUIs and simple client/server architecture with a more complex (but more powerful) architecture and a web GUI. And the new system has to be performant “out of the box” for existing critical production use. This is a challenging task!!!


Mainly discussion sessions, with some demoing and coding (to the extent possible at this early stage of development, and with our varying levels of experience)- not formal presentations (except perhaps Wednesday afternoon).


Read and understand (as far as possible at this stage):

And for the new people:

What to bring


By the end of the week we need to understand:


Items listed below are to guide the discussion, but we can be flexible if needed. Several of us are relatively expert on selected topics already and can start by walking the rest of us through it. Tentative decisions have already been made in a few areas (e.g. to use Vue.js for the GUI). We can consider coding and demoing at any point if time allows.

Main discussion points are noted below. For the technical topics see Cylc 8 Roadmap - and the other references above - for more detail.








Thanks to BoM, Altair, the UM Partnership, and ESiWACE for sponsoring this workshop, by providing a venue, and/or travel funding, and/or development resourcing!

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