Cylc VC 4/5 April 2019 Summary Notes


(No new issues reported at sites.)

ACTION: aim to release cylc-7.8.2 as soon as possible, maybe Friday 12 April

(carried over: cylc-7.8.3 needed by May for MO PS43, hopefully with fix for the “stuck in ready state” problem)

ACTION: make a new milestone for 7.8.3, May 1 end date (Hilary) DONE

UI Server: PR w/ Tornado and WebSockets coming soon. Then adding GraphQL should be straightforward.

As soon as we have GraphQL hooked up, consider creating some static (perhaps with some limited artificial time evolution) “demo data” - good for standalone testing (and automated testing too) without the need to hook up to a running workflow.

ACTION: Oliver to write down high-level description of UIS-WS data model update.

ACTION: Martin to put WIP code on GitHub and make it available to others - DONE

Asyncio in WS: not done yet, but not on the critical path (can be done later). Oliver has concerns about what it means to put the ZMQ server in the same event loop.

However, asyncio has a priority queue so we should be OK.

ACTION: Matt and Tim to look at this in due course. (No hurry)

Rose: no work done lately, due to other commitments. Strategy: 1) better cluster awareness and global and suite config rationalization; then 2) “rose suite-run” migration suite installation; and 3) cylc run/restart CLI rationalization.

New name for server program and repository: “cylc-flow”, cylc-flow.rc (Sadie)

ACTION: PR Template needed including description for change log. - DONE

ACTION: Oliver to put up a PR to do the test battery (minimally at first) with pytest.

Workflow definition: We decided not to consider supporting YAML any time soon. We will have to support parsec/suite.rc for the foreseeable future, and the future Python API will likely make YAML + templating unnecessary.

Next Meeting? - UK team have limited availability throughout April, and Hilary is away week of 15-19 April. Let’s consider the need for a meeting toward the end of the month.