Cylc VC 8 October 2019 Agenda


Previous meeting

9 September

General Admin etc. - 10 min - HO

Cylc-8.0a1 feedback/questions:

DM: NRL’s problem with non-HTTPS on the back-end is that their remote platforms are really remote. Proper solution is job CLI via the UIS?

Any new Cylc-7 bug reports or problems?


Packaging - 10 min - SB and BK

UI Graph View - 20 min - MR

Update on:

MR: Cytoscape probably best in most respects, e.g. dynamic graphs and practical updates; “El Grapho” faster?

DM and OS: don’t forget “cylc graph”; data provision to UI of static graph.

WebSockets and Subscriptions - 10 min - BK and DS

Update on the recent work (UI, UIServer, and WFS)

CLI-WFS Authentication - 20 min - SB

WIP PR status update

SB away, but this should be done before she leaves the project; DS agrees on the approach taken.

Config schema unification - 10 min - TP

Status update

What has been done



OS: Why Cylc? questions at UK RSE conf (plus “cloud integration” etc.); need good answers to these; Cylc 8 best time to start pushing it