Feb 7 Cylc VC Summary

See Agenda.


[MS] The VC was good today. Technology worked fairly well. My brain dump (some thoughts are post-VC). And so sorry if it is not very organised.

[MS] I have already added a reply to your Google Groups 7.8.1 post to notify users of upcoming 7.8.2 release. Looking at the list of issues. I now think both Martin’s PR for BOM and Sadie’s Cylc Review PR should both go in.

[HO] Thanks for the forum post; agreed on the PRs.


[MO] As I’ll just patch our site deployment of 7.8.1 for our users, so 7.8.2 should not be urgent for us. I’ll see where we are tomorrow - and prepare a cherry-picked-from-master PR for the 7.8.x branch.

cylc-8 progress

[MS] We should have a fully functional system (w/o GUIs) including all of Cylc and Rose in about a month time. CherryPy requirement should be replaced with Tornado or 0MQ.

[HO] Yeah, that’s brilliant, being able to build on a working core system will help us a lot.

[MS] We should then get on with packaging. (MO team & Bruno?)

[HO] Yes; this should be a quick job once the Python 3 port (/ working first hack!) is done.

[MS] UI data model + UI server front end work are moving forward. Bruno and David S: can we have more exposure of your work (to avoid wasted effort)?

[HO] (we need to subscribe to notifications from developer repos; and/or move some to the Cylc Org on GitHub)

[BK] It would be great to have somebody else working on the project now. Especially if s/he has experience with another framework like Angular/React/etc (the one I have better knowledge is Backbone.js, with is a bit different). All my code is going under, but I could transfer ownership to the cylc organisation. Or we can start a new project there. Whichever works best.

[MS] Perhaps we have set up some new projects under the Github Cylc organisation. We can also set up some Github project boards (or Trello, see later) to explain the progress and decision points.

[HO] (see below)

[MS] We can also do with some extra support for Bruno and David S. (Should that be Hilary or someone from the MO team?)

[HO] I’m going to do my best to get stuck into first JupyterHub then the other bits, but bear in mind that [project management etc.] takes quite a lot of time … need more hours in the day!

[MS] JupyterHub appears to still be a big unknown. I am under the impression that the choice of the spawner will limit what you can or cannot do spawn as well as connect to? But we are not sure if we understand why. And can we write our own spawner as a plugin? Do we need a separate VC just to discuss this? Either way, I believe Hilary has agreed to work closer with Martin on this.

[HO] Yes, from Monday I will attempt to understand this. Have also talked to Martin today about it. We can have a VC on the topic at some point after this.


[MS] was mentioned (by Bruno?) What’s the conclusion?

[HO] I have no strong opinion. I see Bruno addressed this already in his reply.


Testing framework (UI)



Python 3

[MS] MO team will continue to invest in some effort to replace logic with Python 3 technology, e.g. argparse, asyncio, etc, but noting that other activities may have higher priorities.

[HO] All good. As I said in the VC, I’d prefer we get a basic end-to-end system in place before putting a lot of time into this, because at that point we will have some confidence of getting across the finish line, and can reassure all stakeholders of that.

project management tools

[MS} I have tried using Github project. The main problem is lack of notification. Trello appears to be doing better in this front, but is obviously less integrated with Github. We are also uncertainly as to how much free Trello allows us to do. We should investigate.

[MS] MO staff are now blocked from accessing Riot from a networked work device. Matt is happy to continue to access via personal device. It is up to individual team members to decide whether they will do this or not. We are waiting for Met Office IT security to confirm that Discourse is an OK technology to be used on a networked work device.

[HO] We need a comms medium that everyone can participate in, or else we (particularly me, perhaps) is faced with constant uncertainty about who has seen what. So I reckon, much as I’ve come to like, we should do this:

[HO] Free Slack loses our info after 10k posts, BUT a) we seem to have no viable alternative that everyone can use; b) it’s only chat, the online equivalent of talking at morning tea - so just make sure that record important outcomes elsewhere.

_next VC date?

[MS] Did we decide when would be our next VC?

[HO] Let’s aim for the first week of every month (with actual date by Doodle Poll) and potentially one mid-month (all of us, or a subset) if a significant fraction of us think it’s needed. OK?