Cylc VC March 2019 Summary Notes


Site Updates, News

[Met Office]


Next Release

Not desperately needed at MO as patched 7.8.1 with subsequent fixes, but we should aim to get it out soon for other sites.

ACTION: release cylc-7.8.2 by end of week (Hilary)

cylc-7.8.3 needed by May for MO PS43, hopefully with fix for the “stuck in ready state” problem.

ACTION: make a new milestone for 7.8.3, May 1 end date (Hilary)

Python 2-to-3


Successfully tested:

ACTION: demonstrate ssh spawner with our proto UI Server (Martin) (do we need to take on ssh spawner development - it’s not currently maintained?)

ACTION: consider and demo Hub Service based authorization (Martin, Bruno) We may be able to use a J-Hub Service to implement site-level authorization (which users can even look at which other user’s UI Server)

ACTION: investigate the J-Hub form for additional info pre-spawn (Martin)

ACTION: can the site authorization Hub service (above) be co-opted to display a clickable list of users whose UI Servers I can connect to?

UI Server and Workflow Status Communications

ACTION: work through and decide which of model 1 or 2 (see agenda) to implement first. (Matt and Oliver, initially).

ACTION: begin implementation (Oliver, David, Bruno)

ACTION: rename cylc-jupyterhub repository to cylc-ui-server (Bruno)

Workflow Service

ACTION: main loop asyncio (Oliver, Matt)

ACTION: clean up the workflow status data structure (if nec.) (Hilary)

Next Steps

ACTION: finish off packaging PRs (Bruno)

Project Admin, Code Management

ACTION: carry over any important agenda items that we did not get to in this meeting (Hilary)

ACTION: arrange for a meeting every 2 weeks, swap morning/night (Hilary)