8. Suite Name Registration

8.1. Suite Registration

Cylc commands target suites via their names, which are relative path names under the suite run directory (~/cylc-run/ by default). Suites can be grouped together under sub-directories. E.g.:

$ cylc print -t nwp
 | |-region1  Local Model Region1       /home/oliverh/cylc-run/nwp/oper/region1
 | `-region2  Local Model Region2       /home/oliverh/cylc-run/nwp/oper/region2
   `-region1  Local Model TEST Region1  /home/oliverh/cylc-run/nwp/test/region1

Suite names can be pre-registered with the cylc register command, which creates the suite run directory structure and some service files underneath it. Otherwise, cylc run will do this at suite start up.

8.2. Suite Names

Suite names are not validated. Names for suites can be anything that is a valid filename within your operating system’s file system, which includes restrictions on name length (as described under Task and Namespace Names), with the exceptions of:

  • /, which is not supported for general filenames on e.g. Linux systems but is allowed for suite names to generate hierarchical suites (see register);
  • while possible in filenames on many systems, it is strongly advised that suite names do not contain any whitespace characters (e.g. as in my suite).