Cylc 8.3 Caveats

There are a few Cylc 7 features which do not yet have direct replacements in Cylc 8. These features will be re-implemented in future releases.

Cylc Flow

Multiple Flows

The new scheduler can manage multiple flows in the workflow graph. Commands and options for interacting with flows are still being refined.

Browser Based UI

The old “GUI” has been replaced by the new browser-based “UI”.

Static Graph Visualization

Not yet reimplemented for Cylc 8. As an interim measure the cylc graph command can generate a basic PNG image of a workflow graph if Graphviz is installed in the Cylc environment.

Multiple Selection

Multiple selection is yet to be implemented, however, it is possible to issue action for multiple tasks (e.g. kill) without using multiple selection:

  • From the UI click on a workflow/cycle/task/job.

  • Find the action you want to call (e.g. kill).

  • Click the pencil symbol next to this action.

  • Edit the workflows/cycles/tasks/jobs in the form and press submit.


Installing Workflows

At present there is no way to view or install source workflows in the UI.

Rose Edit

Rose Edit is awaiting reimplementation.

Xtrigger Visibility

Xtriggers are not yet visible in the UI.

Documentation / Orientation Guide

Some form of documentation will be provided within the UI itself.

UI Server


The ability to route Cylc commands via the UIS is planned for a future release