Cylc 8 UIs

There are two UI options available to monitor and control workflows at Cylc 8.

Cylc TUI

Cylc TUI is a text based UI, available on the command line with cylc tui <workflow_id>.

It remains in development, with smooth running with large workflows soon to be resolved.


Cylc 8 TUI application

This replaces Cylc 7’s cylc monitor.

Cylc Web GUI

Cylc 8 web GUI is available, both as a single user application, cylc gui and as a multi user hub, cylc hub. Both are dependent on Cylc UI Server installation.


Cylc 8 UI dashboard


Cylc 8 UI workflow tree view

Launching the UI via the hub will require authentication. The default Authenticator uses PAM to authenticate system users with their username and password.

Going via the hub unlocks the ability to grant other users the permission to view and interact with workflows running under your account. Site administrators will need to configure this, for more information see Authorizing Others to Access Your Workflows.


Cylc 8 Hub authentication page

See UI Server Configuration for how to configure the GUI.

As some workflows can be very large, or even infinite, the UI uses a “window” system to determine what to display. For more information, see Tasks in the UI.

The UI continues to be developed.