15.7. The gcylc Graph View

The graph view in the gcylc GUI shows the structure of the suite as it evolves. It can work well even for large suites, but be aware that the Graphviz layout engine has to do a new global layout every time a task proxy appears in or disappears from the task pool. The following may help mitigate any jumping layout problems:

  • The disconnect button can be used to temporarily prevent the graph from changing as the suite evolves.
  • The greyed-out base nodes, which are only present to fill out the graph structure, can be toggled off (but this will split the graph into disconnected sub-trees).
  • Right-click on a task and choose the “Focus” option to restrict the graph display to that task’s cycle point. Anything interesting happening in other cycle points will show up as disconnected rectangular nodes to the right of the graph (and you can click on those to instantly refocus to their cycle points).
  • Task filtering is the ultimate quick route to focusing on just the tasks you’re interested in, but this will destroy the graph structure.