Cylc Workshop 2020 Logos

Cylc Development Workshop 2020

10-14 Feb, NIWA, Wellington, New Zealand


Primarily: to review Cylc 8 progress and chart the roadmap to completion. Cylc 8 has a more complex architecture than Cylc 7 (and earlier versions) and it makes use of a much wider variety of technologies and protocols. This is an opportunity for us all to get a better understanding of the complete system as well as plan next steps.

For each of the main topics below we will cover:


Participants should bring a notebook computer capable of installing and running Cylc 8 if possible (Linux with admin access to install software as needed). If not possible, your locked-down work laptop will do for viewing code and documentation, and showing slides and documents as needed.

Those who have worked on aspects of the project already should be prepared to explain and demo their parts of the system to others. And we should all be prepared to ask questions until we understand the entire system.

Reading Material

(NOTE: we have been using several provisional names for the back-end workflow manager before settling on “Cylc Scheduler” and the following docs have not been updated yet … “suite daemon”, “suite server program”, “workflow server”, “workflow service” are all the same thing.)


Floating Items

To squeeze in somewhere if needed and/or if time allows:

Monday: Intro, Architecture and Data Provision

Tuesday: UI plus Spawn-on-Demand and Friends

Tuesday or Wednesday?

Wednesday: Configuring and Running Workflows


Thursday: Authentication, Authorization, Security

Friday: Deployment and Documentation



Thanks to NIWA for hosting the workshop, and the UM Partnership and IS-ENES3 for sponsoring travel for relevant participants.


Cylc Workshop 2020 Logos